Corporate Training
Corporate Training
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Our trainers use innovative methodology to facilitate the sessions using
role plays, case studies, questionnaire, quiz, videos, movies, activities
and interactions which are thought provoking and stimulating to the mind
and help in assimilating the required outcomes.
Recruitment Services
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“The Professionalss” acts as a gateway to provide wide range of
recruitment services to colleges and the corporate. Our focus is to provide
employment opportunities for students from Engineering, Arts and Science,
Business Administration and Computer Applications background.
Placement Training
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A recent study by the National Association of Software and Service
Companies (NASSCOM) found that though India produces more than
6,50,000 engineers every year,only 25% of them are readily employable and the remaining 75% are not. They are found to be lacking proficiency in skills suchas Aptitude, Technical, Verbal and Soft skills...
ias coaching
IAS Coaching
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The Indian Civil Services is considered as the backbone of India and
carries great respect and responsibilities. India's toughest youngsters
compete for entry into the Indian Civil Services. Even though corporate jobs
may offer very attractive salaries and perks, a majority of youngsters....
Special Coaching
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Having arrears can have a negative impact on our career as most
companies do not prefer candidates who have standing arrears or any
history of arrears. It is important that students pass out of college without
any backlogs as it could appear as a black mark on their credentials and
may create a dent in their career and life...
About Us

‘The Professionalss’ is a young dynamic Organization started in 2006, with a group of passionate, experienced Trainers, headed by Professor Mahendhran - CEO.

Professor Mahendhran has more than 18 years of experience in the field of training and placement especially of engineering students, along with arts and science. He has to his credit placed more than 7000 students in corporate and conducted above 350 joint recruitment programs.



“The Professionalss” will be a major player in People Resource Management Market catering to the needs of Industries, by associating with various Universities and Institutes of Professional Education by giving value added solutions thereby strengthening the human potential with an objective to help our country achieve leadership status in a global economy.

  To act as an official recruitment partners of various corporate.
  To promote a more effective utilization of human resources through Training & Development in the areas of Career management, Corporate training, Industry
  Institute Interface, Faculty and Institutional development.
  To apply professional principles and practices to advance the human potential management system.
  To assist the Industries and Institutions to adapt to the changing scenarios and help them to face new Challenges in the field of Human resource management
  and development.
  To stimulate thoughts and efforts for dissemination, exchange and furtherance of information, materials, skills and Attitude in the field of Human Resources and
  Career Management.

What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds. Wayne Dyer
Today with the opening up of the Global Market, we are faced with global competition on all fronts. To be globally competitive and continue to hold and expand on our markets, we need to have the edge over all others. Our Students are technically qualified but need the finish and gloss of soft skills to make them stand out as distinctive personalities and achievers in global markets. Thus there is a need for soft skills training in colleges to make them create a niche for themselves in the scenario.

All Indian Professionals are highly qualified in their field and technically sound but to bridge the performance gap and increase the business productivity within the organization, Corporate Training has always been a powerful tool. Today’s highly competitive marketplace has put great emphasis on important elements like the effective use of resources, increased productivity, faster product development and skills to beat the competition and succeed.
Coupled with this, soft skills like effective communication skills, ability to work in teams, positive interpersonal skills and great leadership skills are needed to move up the ladder and keep the team dynamic. This in turn will meet the goals & objectives of the organization and fulfill the mission and vision of the Organization.
The Professionals need to understand their clients needs in terms of products and services but also understand their culture, language and food habits to make long lasting relationships across the world and this in turn requires culturally understanding their clients.
With the growing demand for Global Savvy professionals, there is an ever increasing need for training in soft skills, behavioral skills, cultural and business etiquette and at “The Professionalss”, we give you total solutions in Human Resources.
At “The Professionalss”, we work with all kinds of people, in a wide variety of organizations, in a broad range of markets, in assignments across South India. This means we understand the pressures and dynamics experienced by people in organizations; Directors, Senior Managers, Sales, Medical, Marketing, Engineers, Admin, Finance, HR, Training and others. This experience is channeled through training and development, with excellent communication at the core of most of our work.
(This means we’re used to working with people of your standards and we talk the language you talk.)

We invest our time in getting to know your people & your business, because the better the understanding, the better the solution fits your needs. We do this by conducting an intensive analysis of the company’s goals, processes and people. We talk to your Training, Learning or HR people about the training needs. We talk to the Managers about their perspective on the required outcomes. And we talk to the participants about their view of the role, their challenges and training needs. Training proposals are then designed to achieve your objectives. We further customize the module to meet your goals.


This means our training fits your organization’s objectives and goals.
We design, deliver & evaluate training solutions to help your people work efficiently. We focus on the behavioral or soft skills areas such as communication, management, sales, leadership, service, self development & business awareness. Our clients choose us for our quality, flexibility, past record & ease of doing business. We work in tandem with our clients to deliver the best business results.
This means you get exactly what you want & how and when you want it.

Our Trainers have worked with a wide range of companies in various situations, levels and locations. Our skill is to develop training solutions which answer the business needs; address the individual’s development, challenges and fit the cultural reality of the organization. The first step is a conversation. Please browse through the topics in this brochure, and then contact us for an informal conversation on how we may be able to help.


This means you are getting professionals with experience to do the work.
Our approach understands the basic psychology of behavioral change within the context of interpersonal communication. We work with participants to understand their style and encourage them to try new ways of approaching situations. Training is designed to suit the specific needs of the participants so that it is very relevant. We work with them, always facilitating, never telling, but possibly challenging and always thought provoking. This workshop style is highly engaging and has people thinking about work in new ways.


This means you get training focused on participants’ needs which is challenging and thought provoking.
Basically put, through training you want your people to be doing something different to what they’re doing now; It maybe faster, smarter, more efficiently, or with more confidence. Verbal feedback is always great to hear, but for a more precise evaluation we use a scale. This measures the impact of training on a 0 to 10 scale, followed by structured interviews, feedback from immediate supervisors, and a follow up session if needed. This impact is measured after giving participants ample time for implementation as per their undertaking. Our Trainers are available for one to one discussions at fixed times with participants for a period of one month to help them overcome obstacles in applying the training.
This means you achieve the results and impact you want.

Scale would read as
  Significant Financial Impact
  Financial Impact
  Performance improvements
  Quality of work improved
  Implemented ideas
  Confidence increased
  Motivation increased
  Opportunity to apply
  Relevance to work
  Knowledge gained
  No Impact
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