Corporate Training
Corporate Training
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Our trainers use innovative methodology to facilitate the sessions using
role plays, case studies, questionnaire, quiz, videos, movies, activities
and interactions which are thought provoking and stimulating to the mind
and help in assimilating the required outcomes.
Recruitment Services
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“The Professionalss” acts as a gateway to provide wide range of
recruitment services to colleges and the corporate. Our focus is to provide
employment opportunities for students from Engineering, Arts and Science,
Business Administration and Computer Applications background.
Placement Training
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A recent study by the National Association of Software and Service
Companies (NASSCOM) found that though India produces more than
6,50,000 engineers every year,only 25% of them are readily employable and the remaining 75% are not. They are found to be lacking proficiency in skills suchas Aptitude, Technical, Verbal and Soft skills...
ias coaching
IAS Coaching
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The Indian Civil Services is considered as the backbone of India and
carries great respect and responsibilities. India's toughest youngsters
compete for entry into the Indian Civil Services. Even though corporate jobs
may offer very attractive salaries and perks, a majority of youngsters....
Special Coaching
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Having arrears can have a negative impact on our career as most
companies do not prefer candidates who have standing arrears or any
history of arrears. It is important that students pass out of college without
any backlogs as it could appear as a black mark on their credentials and
may create a dent in their career and life...



The Indian Civil Services is considered as the backbone of India and carries great respect and responsibilities. India's toughest youngsters compete for entry into the Indian Civil Services. Even though corporate jobs may offer very attractive salaries and perks, a majority of youngsters still crave entry into the prestigious Indian Civil Services held by the UPSC. The very fact that a big share of every year's top posts in the civil services exams are bagged by professionals from various streams shows that the IAS is still the dream job for many.

The path to the coveted Civil Services is full of ups and downs and is a highly uneven track to traverse. Before taking a decision about Civil Services as your career, it is expedient to check up oneself and remain determined after wards.

The first step towards your success is to choose your goal honestly. You shouldn’t choose Civil Services as your goal simply because your father or mother has a dream or there is a pressure from your social circle. It should come from your heart. This exam is not like IIT-JEE or any other Engineering/Medical/University Entrance Examination. It demands at least one year full time preparation with solid determination, which is possible only if the desire for Civil Services is burning your heart incessantly.

Many of you may be having presumptions that you should have come from a reputed Institute like IISc or any IIT to succeed in Civil Services. But the fact is that you need not have come from a reputed Institute. You need not have a splendid academic background. You need not have great scores in SSC or Intermediate.

You need not have come from a rich family. You only need to have a dream to become an IAS officer and the rest will follow. It is the human nature to gain knowledge and succeed. Work hard as there is no short cut to success and hard work never goes unrewarded.

Every drop of sweat of your brow through hard work adds to the splendor of your bright career.

This preparation stage is generally the most fruitful stage of your life. Because you are just out of college and your parents are looking up to you for financial support. This is also the time you lay foundations for your career. That is why preparing for Civil Services at this stage is putting your career at stake. It’s a war. We help in you in preparing Strategy and at AURO IAS ACADEMY you will always have the Right Guidance.

We would also like to stress that you should not attempt the first Prelims as a trial. The first attempt ought to be the best attempt.

The main requirement when you sit for studying is total concentration. Without100% focus, whatever time you spent on study will only be a waste. You should not do things, which will be distracting when studying. The Infra Structure at AURO IAS ACADEMY is so neat and Peaceful that it will have an Positive impact on the mental conditions. We always ensure that the situation should be tuned to have a concentrated study. You should go very slowly while reading trying to understand the core concepts.

As far as Study materials are concerned we got a Team of 25+ Trainers who are Preparing exclusive study materials for you from various sources.

We are with you every step of the way >
We at AURO IAS ACADEMY are not spending time on Identifying Winners among ordinary People. We are spending time in making winners out of Ordinary People.

At Auro IAS Academy, We understand that Revision is very important for the performance in the exam. So, Revision is a part of your everyday schedule. Don’t think it’s a waste of time, since finally you will save a lot and the pressure will also reduce. The revision efficiency will increase because of the notes that we prepare. We have given a brief synopsis for each and every topic. The efficiency with which you do revision determines the grip on the subject matter. It should not be postponed till the last phase. As you keep preparing, we make sure that you spent sometime in revising and consolidating what you read. Otherwise, when you start revision in the end, everything will appear new and lot of time has to be spent in deciphering the notes made. Therefore, we make you revise what you read next day. Then we keep coming back to it at regular intervals. It has to be done again and again.

 In any complex situation, the right information at the right time plays a very key role. Similarly, for this complex exam, information has a role. So, the need arises that the students should have access to lot of information channels throughout the exam preparation period. In order to bridge this gap AURO IAS ACADEMY will give you the access to lot of other information other than the study materials. Aspirants can access the Library, Internet, etc.  This will ensure that you are on the right track.

We will explain a lot of real time scenarios that has happened with Civil Service Aspirants. Psychologically it will help you when you come to know about their experiences and mistakes.

"Stand up, be bold and take the whole responsibility on your shoulders and know that you are the creator of your own density. All the strength and success that you want are within yourself."
      - Swami Vivekananda

  20 Years of Experience in Soft Skills and Aptitude Training
  25+ qualified trainers, who will give you personal attention
  The most sophisticated Aptitude and Psychometric testing
  Highly integrated Spoken and Written communication Skills development
  Choice Based meritorious coaching for Mains Preparation
  Audio and Video enabled training on Soft Skills and Interview Techniques
  Continuously updated Training Materials and Aids, Best in the industry along with Personal and individualized Counseling & Guidance
  Best Infrastructure and a Conducive environment for Learning
  Continuous Interaction & Mentoring by Civil Servants
  100% Success based Bench marking of Best Practices
  General Studies
  C-SAT(Civil Service Aptitude Test)
  Public Administration
Special Guidance on
  Language Papers
  Essay writing
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