Corporate Training
Corporate Training
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Our trainers use innovative methodology to facilitate the sessions using
role plays, case studies, questionnaire, quiz, videos, movies, activities
and interactions which are thought provoking and stimulating to the mind
and help in assimilating the required outcomes.
Recruitment Services
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“The Professionalss” acts as a gateway to provide wide range of
recruitment services to colleges and the corporate. Our focus is to provide
employment opportunities for students from Engineering, Arts and Science,
Business Administration and Computer Applications background.
Placement Training
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A recent study by the National Association of Software and Service
Companies (NASSCOM) found that though India produces more than
6,50,000 engineers every year,only 25% of them are readily employable and the remaining 75% are not. They are found to be lacking proficiency in skills suchas Aptitude, Technical, Verbal and Soft skills...
ias coaching
IAS Coaching
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The Indian Civil Services is considered as the backbone of India and
carries great respect and responsibilities. India's toughest youngsters
compete for entry into the Indian Civil Services. Even though corporate jobs
may offer very attractive salaries and perks, a majority of youngsters....
Special Coaching
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Having arrears can have a negative impact on our career as most
companies do not prefer candidates who have standing arrears or any
history of arrears. It is important that students pass out of college without
any backlogs as it could appear as a black mark on their credentials and
may create a dent in their career and life...

Institutional Development

In the increasing demand for quality education HRD programmes are playing a vital role in leading Educational institutions which help establishing a niche in the market for them. Even though an overall assignment of instituting HRD SYSTEMS is advised, depending on institutional needs and philosophy one can go for independent programmes on Faculty Development or Students Development. There are 456 Engineering Colleges, around 400 Arts & Science Colleges and more than 200 Polytechnics in Tamilnadu. Every year 1,70,000
Engineering Graduates, 2, 00,000 Arts & Science Graduates and more than 25,000 Diploma Holders are coming out of these institutions successfully with the hope that they will receive a red carpet welcome from the corporate world.

Unfortunately, only 15% of the students are getting placed in good Companies on their own and 10% with the help of consultancy organizations and rest could not make it for placement.

The agony is most of the students don’t even know why they get rejected. A great number of employment opportunities are available today. What we have however, is not unemployment problem, rather we should call it the problem of unemployables. There is always a right job at the right time for the right person. We believe our Training on 'Employability Skills' will provide the right attitude and right skills for the students and will help them to seize the right career opportunity.

The focus of this assignment is on the value additions an institution can bring which will be effective in supporting the faculty and students, to collaborate and expected standards.

  One task of this program is to offer administrative development for department heads, deans and other decision makers who will be making the policies which
  affect how courses are taught. If those policies allow for growth and flexibility while maintaining standards, the amount of learning which occurs will increase.
  The second task is on faculty evaluation, rewards, training, to help them in change management, collaboration, departmentalization, Professionalization,
  mentoring etc.
  Third one is on increasing the standards of the students by giving an all round development.
  Engineering Colleges
  Management Institutions
  Arts & Science Colleges
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